The Brutal Truth by Lee Winter

This book blew me away from the minute I finished the first chapter and is definitely a contender for book of the year at Les Rêveur. This book has hit so many of my good read shelves like Ice queen, boss/employee, age-gap and rich/poor and whole lot more.

Maddie Grey is miserable in New York and longs to be home in Sydney. When Elena Bartell takes over the newspaper she works for, they develop an odd friendship. So when Elena fires her and liquidates the company she doesn’t think she will see her again, that is until Elena gives her a new job back in Sydney, but it this job something Maddie wants to do? And can she really live with not seeing Elena every day?

I can’t tell you how much I loved this book. I am actually struggling to put it into words.

Elena’s persona was so cold and it was really great to watch as Maddie tears down each and every wall and over time, she wasn’t the same hardened woman we saw at the start. Maddie was just so sweet from the very beginning and I automatically warmed to her from Chapter one. She also knew what she wanted and did’t apologise when she went after it, these little personality traits of characters is what intrigues me and makes me keep turning the page.

The storyline its self mirrored a lesbian version of ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ and oh, how I love that movie. I only wish that Twentieth Century Fox would redo the movie with Lee Winter’s delicious lesbian twist.

The first sex scene was a long time coming (excuse the pun) but it was outright one of the sexiest sex scenes I’ve read in recent months. It was incredibly hot but at times you saw the intimacy and love shine through but more than anything, it was just damn sexy to read.

This book made me swoon from start to finish. Great first book to read by Lee Winter.

5 Stars


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