The Art Of US by KL Hughes

This was probably one of the most angst ridden novels I have read all year. It literally kicked the wind out of me more than once with this heart breaking tale of second chance love.
Charlee and Alex met in college and fell madly in love and knew they had met their soul mates. Unfortunately when Alex is offered an important job at the other side of the country they just can’t make the long distance work. They both love each other enough not to ask the other to give up on their dreams but they know they will never truly get over the love they have for one another. They struggle to get on with their lives and can’t seem to make it work without daily pangs of love for one another. When Alex’s work moves her back to Boston and they bump into one another it’s obvious to them both that they never stopped loving one another. But can they have their second chance? And how do they tell their now partners about their undeniable love without hurting them. 
This is possibly the most angst filled book I’ve read this year. It swept me up and made my heart ache so bad that I cried more reading this book than I have in a while. Both Charlee and Alex don’t want to hurt anyone and their honourable and caring nature just endeared them to the reader more. They had chemistry that made the air leave the room and it just added to the angst and foreboding when they didn’t give in to their needs. I think they fact that these main protagonists never hated each other after their break up made their reconnection even more explosive. 
I did feel that the scenes jumped back and forth between past and present with no clear line of definition of where in their relationship you are at that time. There were moments I thought that they had finally followed their feelings only to find out in fact they had but it was when they were together the first time round at college.
The secondary Characters were fantastic and in particular Gabby, Charlee’s Mum. She was warm, and generally caring and her moments in the story made me want these characters to make it more than ever before. I’d also love a story about Cam or Vinny because those two rocked their character personalities and I’d definitely be friends with them both. 
Great book that I look forward to rereading again very soon. 
4 stars
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