Close To Home by Rachel Spangler

I can’t believe this is the first review I have ever written for one of Rachel Spangler’s books. So without further ado, here’s my review of Close To Home.

Close To Home is the third novel in Rachel Spanglers ‘A Darlington Romance’ series and it’s one helluva book.

I would recommend reading the first book A Long Way From Home and then the second book Timeless before starting this one. It will help with continuity with the story lines and secondary characters, who most of where main characters in either the first two books.

Kelly has always lived in the closet, so much so it ended her last and only previous relationship. Living in a small town is her main reason for being closeted, not to mention the gossip that could ensue. When her father gets sick and can no longer work at their small accountancy firm she accepts the help of an intern, Elliot. Elliot is young, obviously gay and doesn’t care who she offends but she’s also smart, forthright and caring to a fault. How could Kelly not fall for her? But will Kelly really ever come out of the closet long enough to be worthy of Elliot?

As much as Kelly had some redeeming qualities by the end of A long way from home I still finished the book disliking her. So I knew Rachel Spangler had some work to do for me to really enjoy her starring role in this novel. I literally went from loathing Kelly, to being attracted to Kelly, to really liking Kelly and how sweet she was with Elliot, to then thinking Kelly was crazy and it started all over again. Ultimately, she’s complex and my second favourite character in the series after Elliot whom I just have such a major crush on. Elliot’s dashing, androgynous and with such an amazing personality that just had me enchanted from the first moment she graced the page. It’s funny, Elliot’s relationship with her mother is very similar to mine and I think i understood her personality quirks and her fight a little better than any other character I’ve ever read. A lot of her morals and values are similar to mine which makes me wonder if it was the way I was raised in similarity to her (fictional) upbringing that aligns our personalities so well.

The introspective musings of both Elliot and Kelly are written so eloquently that you can imagine the feelings and the build up actually happening to you, the reader. It is quite a beautiful feat that Spangler is able to do this.

This is a sexy little number with a delicious build up in the love making department. For example the first sex scene knocked me from my seat because I was not expecting it but it was a very pleasant surprise but then the second and third sex scenes where even better and each time I felt a little taken aback.

I don’t have one negative thing to say about the book, I hope this series doesn’t end quite yet. Maybe Doctor Patel needs her own story? (I’d actually love that). But who knows?

Undoubtedly 5 stars.

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