Madam President by Blayne Cooper, T. Novan

I’m still stunned at how much I loved this book. This is such a beautifully written love story that had me laughing, crying and heartbroken all in the same novel.

Develyn Marlowe has just started her first term as America’s first female and lesbian president. She and her three children have moved into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and are readying themselves for the four year (at least) term as the First Family. Devlyn needs a biographer to write her Presidential story and who else but her favourite biography author, Lauren Strayer. Lauren is apprehensive about writing the new Presidents’ biography but she’s been promised no holds barred account and has even been asked to live in residence at the White House to capture everything about Devlyn. After a while both women find themselves falling for each other but what does this mean for Lauren’s writing integrity and is Devlyn ready to finally let go of her first love and wife to move on with someone who could be her one true love?

I was not expecting the emotional roller coaster ride that Devlyn and Lauren were going to take me on. But I loved every minute and reading every word. The love that unfolds between these two women is powerful and exciting while still being the ultimate best friendship. There weren’t many sex scenes and the ones that were, written light and not overly detailed but for this book and these characters it worked completely and I couldn’t see it any other way because it was their intimate conversations and moments of silent shared knowledge of their feelings that was really what drew me to their relationship.

The secondary characters in the book just made me love the storyline even more and clarified a lot of the storyline from the past, for example, Devlyn’s wife who passed away. David and Beth were definitely my favourite secondary characters because their friendship drove many of the larger moments that lead to Devlyn and Laurens expression of love.

At times I felt part of the story and kept turning the page for more because I was living the story. If you hadn’t already guessed it I adored this book and it goes straight onto my all time favourite list.

5 stars

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