First Lady by Blayne Cooper, T. Novan

Reviewers note: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t read the first book Madam President.

Well I think I might love this just as much or if not more than the first book Madam President.

Devlyn is under more stress than ever in the second year of her presidency. She’s trying to make everyone happy and that includes her country, her fiancé and her three children. Lauren is also struggling with parts of her new role as soon to be First Lady, new mother to Devlyns three adorable children all the while helping her mother-in-law with their wedding and working on Devlyns biography. Can they make it all work? And still get the fairytale with a happy ever after?

What I love about these women is their commitment and true love to one another. Theirs is not only an all consuming loving relationship but they are also best friends. They have moments where they are genuinely playing the role of best friends and others when they are lovers.

In the first novel I wondered at times if Devlyn’s first wife, Samantha was her soul mate and Lauren was her chance at love again. But what I realised in this book was that Samantha is Devlyns first love but Lauren, well… she’s Devlyn’s soul mate and love of her life. They compliment each other but Lauren also challenges her and when they stand toe to toe they are equals. I think this confirmation made me love this book a little more than the first because it became about the the love story not the falling in love and romance.

I liked that in this book we saw Devlyn really become consumed with her role as commander and chief and the way Lauren grounds her at times and calls her out more than once, makes the story more realistic. I also enjoyed the build up and the sequences where their relationship was tested beyond a normal couples limits but with these two their love, friendship and constant communication seems to be what fixes their bumps in the road. It was incredibly admirable and gave me hope for the duration of their relationship to be forever.

This book ended perfectly and even though I’d love to know what Devlyn and Lauren are up to now, I don’t need to know, you just know by the end that these two have a love that will last forever.

5 stars