Charming The Vicar by Jenny Frame

Charming The Vicar is the second novel in Jenny Frame’s Axedale series and it’s one helluva book. I suggested to all readers to start with the first book in the series Courting the Countess, please see my review below but its also a fantastic novel.

Courting the Countess by Jenny Frame

I’ve been looking at this blank word document for 10 minutes, trying to form words about how much I loved this book. Here are the words swimming in my head: Sexy, Femme, Vicar that likes kink and Hot Butch Magician that resembles a boy toy! Hell yeah!!! Its probably the sexiest book I’ve read in a long time but it does not surprise me that it was written by Jenny Frame, her talent for writing just floors me each and every time and she just keeps getting better.

So a little about Charming the Vicar

Finn escapes her celebrity lifestyle and heads for the country after the death of her only family. As a famous magician she needs to be where no one knows her and she can repair her broken heart, that place is Axedale. The villagers welcome her with open arms especially the village Vicar, Bridget. With her high heels and leather jacket this Vicar is like no other and Finn is more than a little flummoxed by her. But there is something the Vicar hides and Finn wants nothing more than to reveal her little secret…

I talk about chemistry and connections between protagonists often because when I am in their world it needs it to be believeable, like it’s happening to the woman sitting next to me on the bus. When Jenny Frame writes she does just that, but on a deeper level I see the fairy tale elements that give me the hope and the butterflies that keep me turning the page. That’s what’s she’s created with Charming The Vicar because I can see the everyday in this story but I also feel like I’m reading the fantasy.

The sex scenes were some of the sexiest, most intimate and quite frankly, sensual I have read in a while. Jenny Frame had me hooked and I re-read a few scenes because I felt like I needed to experience the intense intimacy between Finn and Bridget again. The devotion they showed to one another during these sex scenes but also in the intimate moments was gripping and for lack of a better word, carnal.

Well I’m still coming down from reading quite frankly one of the best Jenny Frame books to date. I’m really hoping Farmer Quade is up next because she might tick even more boxes for me… but just now I’m still stuck on that saucy Vicar.

Unequivocally 5 stars. Can’t wait to see what Jenny Frame throws our way next.


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