Hookin’ Up by MJ Williamz

Mel’s Review

Let me start by saying I am a massive MJ Williamz fan so when I heard she had a new book coming out I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

In this novel MJ Williamz takes us on a ride with two best friends who are also co-owners of a lesbian bar. It seems simple enough until Leah splits from her longtime girlfriend and decides she’s going to learn how to be a better lover by signing herself up to a lesbian hook up site.

Meanwhile we have Dillon who is trying so hard to be supportive of Leah’s conquests without giving away that she has been secretly in love with her for years. I found myself wanting to shake Leah and scream at her to wake up and notice Dillon who by all accounts is a complete catch.

I guess at times I felt that Leah’s character was a little monotonous but that could be easily put down to my own personal frustration with her. The sex scenes seemed to be a little lacking too from what I’ve come to expect from MJ.

Being a massive MJ fan I tend to hold her to an extremely high standard.

All in all I’ve given this book 4 stars


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