Vactionland by Susan X. Meagher

Fantastic Novel, one I wasn’t expecting to grip me as much as it did.

Devon is the best vacation guide in Maine and she loves her job, along with the solidarity it brings but when she’s the last minute replacement for another guide, she meets the gorgeous corporate lawyer, Sunny who has came on the trip as a bonding experience with her colleagues. When the unexpected happens, they end up being thrown together physically and emotionally to get through a horrible experience and when they lean on each other for support, they begin to fall for each other. But Maine and Dallas are worlds apart, how can it ever truly work?

Can I marry Devon? Because whoa!!! She’s so sweet and considerate (even when she doesn’t realise it) while being effortlessly strong and sexy. I completely understood how Sunny fell without being able to stop herself. Sunny is also such an amazing woman who genuinely cares for everyone in her world, sometimes to her own depravity of the same things in return. But with Devon, she lets all hurt and heartache she has endured show and the vulnerability between them is so beautifully written it almost broke my heart a few times. It doesn’t happen often where I read two protagonists that I feel aren’t too good to be true and are just right in every aspect for each other, even if it means upending both their lives in the process to be together.

There’s also a scene where Devon is reading a book and I realised the book was not only her favourite novel but my favourite novel, All That Matters. I love these little pieces of information that is written into books, it makes me feel like I’m a part of the story.

The main reason I loved this book and so many others by Susan X Meagher is because I get so immersed in the story that I almost become a part of it. The characters almost become real and in some instances I wonder if they are people from the authors life.

There are so many points I want to delve into with this novel but from fear of spoiling some crucial plot thickeners I won’t but let me say this, Vactionanland is such a beautiful love story that it will pull at your heartstrings while taking you on a little adventure into the lives of two truly wonderful women.

Go buy it… 5 Stars!


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