Edge of Glory by Rachel Spangler

This is definitely my favourite Rachel Spangler book to date… and I’ve read them all.

Corey is an Olympic medalist in Snow Boarding and for the first time she’s not on top of her game. She meets Elise who is trying to win a gold medal for the Olympic ski team after a bad injury has lost her a whole season. Elise is an ice queen and she’s only focused on one thing – winning. While Corey genuinely is there to live in the moment and have fun. When both these women begin to train together they find out that sometimes you have to change your strategy to win big… in the games and in their hearts!

I loved this book from the word go. Its not overly heavy on the sport side of the book which will be great for readers that don’t know much about the olympics but as I’m a big fan, the theme was a major tick for me. Also how awesome is the cover?… Yeah its Awesome!

Edge of Glory had fantastic plot and character development, especially for the two main protagonists, Corey and Elise. However, the secondary characters rocked just as much, especially Tigger who I hope ventures into a future book because she’s just helluva fun!

Corey and Elise have this unspoken gravitation to one another from the beginning. The chemistry between them was off the chart and I could feel it radiate off the page. I also want to say that this book didn’t have much angst (a little maybe but not much) and I think it was one of the major highlights for me.

Rachel Spangler is just awesome and she just keeps knocking them out of the park!

5 stars


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