Love At Cooper’s Creek by Missouri Vaun

Blown away… how have I not read a book by Missouri Vaun before. Well, thats about to change!

Shaw Daily has had enough of her life in San Francisco and decides to take a break and head back to her family town of Coopers Creek. She truly feels home in her grandparents old house with the back drop of the beautiful North Carolina country side. When she bumps into her old school friends baby sister, Kate Elkins who is all grown up and stunningly beautiful, her attention is instantly fixated. 
Kate has given up her career and life to move back to Cooper’s Creek to care for her ailing mother. She’s a little shocked when her biggest crush in school strolls back into town looking just as devastatingly handsome and it turns out the crush has turned to full on lust… and maybe a little more.
Kate’s stuck in town looking after her mum and Shaw is only in Cooper’s Creek as a stop gap before she returns to her life… So how can they ever truly make their love work.

What a beautiful love story which honestly I wasn’t ready to finish. Kate and Shaw’s chemistry was instantaneous and as the reader I could feel it radiating off the page.
I normally favour one main protagonist over another but in this novel I loved them both as a couple, as friends and as lovers. They definitely had the ‘soul mate’ quality to their love.

Shaw’s backstory about her dad was really intriguing as she trys to work out who he is and why she never knew him. The support and friendship that Kate and Shaw build during these moments really solidified their soul mate status.
A fantastic novel that would be a great start to an awesome series.
5 stars

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