Hearts Like Hers by Melissa Brayden

Hearts Like Hers is the second instalment from the Seven Shores Romance series by Melissa Brayden. I’d advise all readers to start with the first book Eyes Like Hers for continuity with characters.

Each book centres around one of four best friends that live in the Seven Shores apartment complex in Venice Beach, L.A. This instalment is about Coffee Shop Owner, Autumns story. She’s got the best coffee shop in L.A. and the best three friends anyone could ask for but that’s where life ends. With no major change on the horizon she decides to take her life by the horns and make her dream come true, she just didn’t expect the gorgeous and soulful Kate Carpenter to walk into her life, just as she’s finally made some serious decisions about her life’s trajectory. Kate needs to get away after her firefighting career lands too close to home and she is caught up with her town worshiping her like a hero when she feels anything but. She escapes to Seven Shores apartment complex in Venice beach. She’s here to do some soul searching but when she meets the illustrious and stunning Autumn Primm, all bets are off because she can’t seem to help herself wanting to get to know her more. But when she’s only here a short time, is it fate to pursue Autumn when she will be gone soon?

Autumn Primm and Kate Carpenter are my favourite Brayden couple to date. This book had me laughing, crying and swooning like never before. What a connection these two had, and their attraction was undeniable and sizzling whenever they were in the same room… In fact I think some of the sex scenes are the sexiest by Brayden to date. Hot!

The plot of this book is great but there is a sub plot for each character that just adds to the depth of the whole story and both had me just as gripped as the main romance storyline.

I’m super excited for the next book just to catch up with Autumn and Kate again and see where life has taken them now… wherever it is it will be bundles of fun.

Possibly my favourite Brayden book to date.

5 stars

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