A Heart to Call Home by Jeannie Levig

What a fantastic novel! Jeannie Levig continues to blow me away with her beautiful story telling.
Dakota has lived what most people would consider a privileged and entitled life coming from the prestigious Scott family, known for wealth and philanthropy. Something that she tries to distance herself from as much as possible by working in the local high school as a sports coach instead of in the family business. When Jessica Weldon becomes the new substitute teacher at the school, Dakota is more than a little drawn to Jessica. But when she realises that Jessica’s arrival is tied to a part of Dakota’s dark past, she doesn’t know how to continue on with her seemingly simple life. Can she really forget about the spark she felt with Jessica when it brings back so many hurtful memories?
Jeannie Levig writes conflict between protagonists better than many authors. You can feel the tension coming off the page that added another element to this wonderful novel.
The two protagonists, to an outsider, are not supposed to like each other never mind find each other attractive or have deep feelings. But through a carefully crafted storyline you begin to see all the reasons that they cannot do anything but fall for each other. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a rollercoaster ride to the very end but one your going to want to take in with your eyes open so you don’t miss one small detail.
I really enjoyed both characters and loved getting to know them and their backstories but Jessie in particular was my favourite character.
Her inner conversations with herself were really quite funny and sarcastic at times and I enjoyed the levity because it gave way to the more weighty and significant areas of the story.
The one thing I felt was missing was an epilogue as the ending felt incomplete. I just need more to secure that happily ever after.
I’m eager to see what’s next from Jeannie Levig.
4.5 stars

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