Coffee and Conclusions by Emma Sterner- Radley

Coffee and Conclusions is the second part to Emma Sterner-Radley’s book Long-Distance Coffee. I would recommend to any reader to read Long-Distance coffee first before starting this because the storyline will not flow otherwise.

In Coffee and Conclusions Erin and Isabella’s love continues to grow and they decide to meet face to face. Once they meet each other it just solidifies their attraction and feelings and they begin the arduous task of a true long-distance relationship. But can long distance really suffice for a connection so strong?

Loved, loved, loved this second instalment of the story. One of the main draws with this series is the realism in the story for this decade. Most people meet these days online and this book takes you on a journey of two women and their journey to love via the internet.

In this novel Isabella and Erin become more intimate and their relationship really takes off. Erin begins to worry about the future and how she will effect Isabella’s young son, Alberto’s life and upbringing. Isabella’s mother still causes problems but with Erin beside her, Isabella has the strength to be stronger for them both.

I loved this book even more than the first (and that was a feat) and I am really hoping there will a third book… really hoping!

5 stars.

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Amazon – Coffee and Conclusions (The Midnight Coffee Series Book 2)