Journey’s End by A.E. Radley

When I heard A.E. Radley was writing a third book in the Flight SQA016 series I will admit there was a little happy dancing in my house. This series has been one of my favourites in the past year and honestly, this book finishes the series off perfectly.

Emily and Olivia are enjoying life as a family and looking forward to finally being married and making their family grow. Henry is about to start school and Emily’s career is finally taking off with the offer of a lifetime of becoming a professional scriptwriter in London. Everyone is having their new adventure but Olivia. Olivia is still unemployed (not that she needs the money) and while her wife is off in London making her dreams come true, she’s at home playing housewife and mother to their son, Henry. Can Olivia make it work? And is Emily’s new career worth being away from her family?

If there was ever a book to tie everything from the first two books together this is the book. It’s everything these two characters are known for but with the added security of them being a family already. I don’t want to ruin it but Olivia has a fair few funny moments in this book that are comedy gold. I also think the intimacy between Olivia and Emily is on a higher level than ever before, maybe its the security of finally being together or that they are evolving together but I just felt like their love and chemistry was more intense.

Fantastic novel that I can’t urge you enough to read. In fact, buy the whole series and get lost in it for a few days because truely its worth every moment of your time.

5 stars

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Amazon – Journey’s End (The Flight Series Book 3)