Mistaken Identity by Donna Jay

Another great book from Donna Jay. This book is so much fun and the main character Kelly is feisty and forthright which gives her unfortunate scenario a great twist. It’s also set in New Zealand and for me that is a pretty big tick straight away being one of my favourite countries to have ever spent time in.
Kelly likes kink however her girlfriend, Paula just isn’t that into it. One night at one of Paula’s infamous social gatherings they decide to have a little quick fun during the party but one false move turns Kelly’s world upside down and it will never be quite the same again.
This is going to be a short review because truthfully I don’t want to spoil the plot or ending in this book. I really enjoyed the concept of the book, the storyline intrigued me from the very beginning and to be honest, left me a little stunned. Donna Jay is one of my favourite authors when it comes to writing a book with kink and she continued to blow me away with with every scene she comes up with.
I did find that the protagonist fell in love rather quickly and that there were quite a few secondary characters to keep in my mind when trying to work out the puzzle that’s embedded into the storyline.
This book was just fun from the beginning to the end and it makes me excited for what will come next from Donna Jay.
4 stars
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