Love Without Limits by Harper Bliss

Pink Bean Series – Book 7

Well that was no ordinary romance novel but that’s because Harper Bliss went above and beyond. I honestly did not expect the storyline to be as intense while being so utterly romantic. 

Before you read this book I urge all readers to start with Book 3 in the Pink Bean Series called, Everything Between Us which is the prequel (or maybe this is the sequel) to Love Without Limits (heck start from book 1 if you haven’t already read this series… it really is a must read series). 

This book continues Caitlyn and Josephines unconventional love story. Caitlyn does not believe in monogamy and has spent her life lecturing against it. Meeting Josephine doesn’t change who Caitlyn is but makes her evolve in other areas within their relationship. Ultimately Josephine is her soul mate but that doesn’t mean she is willing to become completely monogamous, but she also can’t bare to loose Josephine. This book picks up from the moment the couple start the discussion of how to be open sexually in their relationship while ultimately not ruining what they already have.

It’s funny, when Harper sent me this book for review, I wrote back and said I would probably get round to it at the weekend. I didn’t even last two hours before I put my current read down and devoured it in one sitting. It was just that good.

This book literally left me in awe for a great many reasons. I, myself believe that sex is pretty fluid and I don’t think monogamy is for everyone. As long as everyone in the open relationship is on board then why the hell not! This book went a step further for me, giving me pause for other ideas when including other people in your relationship, be it separately or together. Its not everyday that a book teaches you new things about your own sexuality but this definitely did… you’re probably wondering what I am actually talking about but hey, you don’t want me to spoil the deliciously sexy plot so hopefully I have left enough of an intrigue to whet your appetite.

I must say that I wasn’t Caitlyn’s biggest fan in Everything Between Us (Book 3) and as the series has went on I’ve warmed to her but in this book I saw a side to her I hadn’t yet been privy to. I think it was because it was written solely from her point of view. The Caitlyn in this novel can get hurt, she has real emotions especially when is comes to Josephine and it’s obvious what she does feel for her is nothing she has ever experienced before.

Also Josephine really came into her own in this novel and she has been slowly beginning to show more of her confidence but truly I have never seen a more confident Josephine until this book. She blew me away while leaving me wanting more of her. We almost did’t need her point of view in this book because when she’s with Caitlyn and her close friends, she wears her heart and emotions on her sleeve. The love, support and trust these two protagonists have should be what every couple should strive for because it is what real life fairy tales are made of. 

Lastly… The sex scenes. WOW!!! This book has to go down as one of my top ten of sexiest sex scenes I have ever read. There are three major sex scenes in the novel, each one different and more sexier than the last. I can’t even tell you how much of a turn on it was to watch Josephine and Caitlyn tackle these new sexual situations and come out the other side even more in love. I mean, the sexual dynamic between these two for a start surprised me… I was not expecting Josephine to be the one leading and ultimately going for what she wanted. It was unbelievably sexy and probably my favourite sex scenes that Harper has ever written to date. Just Wow!

This unconventional romance is nothing short of exceptional. 5 stars. 

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