Twice in a Lifetime by PJ Treblehorn

When I started to read this book I hadn’t realised it was connected to PJ Trebelhorn’s other book, The Right Kind of Wrong. Quinn from The Right Kind of Wrong is Callie’s sister from this book, so as soon as I realised, I put Twice in a lifetime down and re-read the the first book in the Burke Sister series and I would suggested that readers do the same.

Here’s the link to my review for The Right Kind Of Wrong:

The Right Kind of Wrong by P.J. Trebelhorn

Review for Twice in a Lifetime:

Callie has always thought her best friend’s wife, Taylor dislikes her and it seems to have gotten worse since her friends death. Taylor can’t possibly have a relationship like the one she had with her late wife, Andrea so why can’t she stop thinking about Callie. When Taylor attracts the attention of a patron in her pub and it is unwanted and obsessive, Callie steps in to make her feel more at ease. As they spend more time together they begin to enjoy each others company but can Taylor ever see Callie as someone she could have more with?

Fantastic storyline that I enjoyed even more than the first book in the Burke Sister Series. I particularly loved Callie and her cocky and feisty personality. I think keeping the protagonist’s, Grace and Quinn (from The Right Kind of Wrong) still prominent in this story was crucial and it worked well to build on Callie and Quinn’s dynamic that I enjoyed so much in the first book.

I think Taylor’s loss was evident from the get go and PJ Trebelhorn really allowed the reader to feel Taylor’s grief as well as being present for the awakening of feelings that were growing for Callie. The chemistry between them was electric and it builds at a steady pace throughout.

The only thing I think brings down the book is the fact that it has no epilogue however I am going to ignore that in the hope that there is a third book that will build on Taylor and Callie’s relationship. If thats the case I will happily re-review and give this book 5 stars.

4.5 stars

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