A Country Girl’s Heart by Dena Blake

Dena Blake just goes from strength to strength. My favourite book is still Unchained Memories but this book is a close second from Blake work’s. 

Kat has lost the love of her life and has no intention of ever falling in love again, that is until DJ shows up at Jumpin’ J’s Ranch and show’s Kat exactly what she’s missing. The only problem is that Kat is unaware of the real reason for DJ showing up at the ranch but  DJ’s initial intentions have changed since meeting the gorgeous and headstrong, Kat Jackson.

This novel has a great amount of angst and is written with a fair few twists to keep you turning the page. I really enjoyed DJ’s character but Kat stole my heart from the beginning. Kat is Independent, headstrong and incredibly cautious of having her heart broken again. She’s got a horrible relationship with her family but still hasn’t let it harden her, in fact if anything has hardened Kat it was loosing her wife, Arizona. There are these moments with DJ and Kat that made my heart melt and make me realise that sometimes the love of your life is the love of your life at that moment but isn’t your soul mate because DJ was Kat’s soul mate, 100%.

I did find at times the book had lots going on at the one time and that made keeping up with the characters (primary and secondary) confusing but to be honest this was minor in the whole scheme if the book.

Lastly, my favourite part of the whole book was the epilogue… just wait until you get to it. You, my dear reader, will love it. It gave me all of the feels but as you know, epilogues are my jam.

4.5 stars 

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