Just For Show by Jae

This is definitely my new favourite book by Jae. I literally felt better after reading this book as it is such a heart warming story.

I’ve been excited about this storyline from the minute I read the synopsis a few months ago and I could’t wait to get started. Psychologist, Claire has just had her perfect world turned upside down when her fiancé ended their relationship minutes before their engagement party. Claire picks her self up but the news of her break up could ruin any chance at publishing her self help guide on relationships if she’s no longer in one. She needs to be in a relationship to sell that she knows whats she’s talking about. Enter Lana, an out of work actress looking to land her next gig. She’s nothing like Claire expected but sometimes it’s what you’re not looking for that turns out to be what you can’t live with out.

I absolutely adored this book and the characters from the moment I started to read it. Claire was all snobbish and uptight and Lana just unravels her neat little life and its fun to watch. I loved that Jae made Lana more full figured and with heaps of confidence. It made her extremely sexy to the me and she’s definitely a woman I can picture in real life. I also want to mention that this book has the sexiest sex scenes I’ve ever read from Jae… I mean they were HOT!

I really enjoyed the secondary characters as well and there might be storyline lurking from Claire’s little sister, Steph. When I finished the book I knew she had her own story to tell as did Claire’s ex-fiance, Abby. Quite a few characters and plots that could be written out of this story and that always excites me because I love characters from past books popping up like in this book… Jill and Crash from Just Physical and Laleh and Hope from Heart Trouble pop by and there is also mention of Grace and Lauren from Damage Control… all of these little cameo roles just make my heart happy and satisfy my happy ever after theory about Jaes characters.

Another great storyline from Jae that I can’t wait to start reading all over again. This one is definitely going into my favourite shelf.

5 stars

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