Spring’s Wake by Aurora Rey

This novel is book 3 in the Cape End Romance Series by Aurora Rey. I would advise all readers to read Winter’s Harbor and Summer’s Cove first for continuity with protagonists throughout the series.

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One of my favourite subplots is age-gap romance and this novel definitely falls into that category. Spring’s Wake has shot to number one in my age-gap romance favourites shelf.

So a little about the book…

Nora runs her own successful B&B in Provincetown, which is her life, and she loves it. She has had her heart broken before and almost lost everything so she’s not eager to fall in love again. That is until her niece brings her friend, Will home for dinner one night and it awakens feelings she’d long since forgotten she could have. Will is young, hot and doesn’t seem to have a clear path in life so how can Nora even contemplate something between them when it has heart break written all over it.

Will knows as soon as she see’s Nora that she wants her. She too has had her heartbroken but she’s willing to chance it all for a shot with the beautiful B&B owner. She just needs to convince Nora she’s worth the shot.

The pace was perfect with just the right amount of delicious angst. This book was written flawlessly and had me hooked from the first chapter. I have a bit of a thing for older women; normally of the butch or androgynous variety but in this instance I’d forget I had a type for Nora Callhoun. She was perfect and the older woman part really worked for her personality and it was sexy as all hell. The chemistry between Nora and Will was so powerful and extremely sexy. It leaves me really torn as to who my favourite couple is in this series.

There is no epilogue however, due to the book being part of a series, the characters are carried on and it doesn’t actually impact my love of the book in the slightest. I really enjoy that Aurora has kept the character recurrences from the previous two novels and has made the bunch of friends into a little Ptown family. I’m really excited to see what’s next for this group of women.

Aurora Rey really taps into knowing what this reader loves in they way romances are written. She continues to be one of my favourite authors and I know every time a new book of hers is released it has my name written all over it.

5 stars

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