Truth or Dare by C. Spencer

This is a great story for a debut novel. One that quite honestly, I wasn’t expecting.

The book is set around the love lives of 6 women. Two whom are married and are about to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary, two best friends who have what they think is unrequited feelings for each other and a couple on the brink of relationship collapse.

This is more than a romance novel. I think it’s a Lesbian Romance and Drama novel. It’s written from all six protagonists’ point of view and with every change of perspective the author headlines which character we are reading from at that time.

The dialogue is fast paced and witty which I really appreciated; there is no messing around with this book. Lots of internal thoughts and musings but at times I think that when the characters are in thought there is lots of unnecessary detail.

I really enjoyed when Jessie and Hadley took the spotlight, I think their story could have been a book on it’s own but the way Spencer wrote through their friendship to finding love was very well done. Jessie was 100% my favorite character and I hope we see more from her relationship with Hadley in future novels.

I think C. Spencer has really given herself a great opportunity at whetting the readers appetite for her future books. In turn she has also set up a great prequel if she wanted to look at each couple and write separate books for a series. Especially Ryan… Ryan needs her own story! She just does.

Great debut novel and I can’t wait for what’s next from C. Spencer.

4 stars

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