Without Warning by KG MacGregor

Without Warning is the first book in The Shaken Series by KG MacGregor.

I love this book dearly and it was the first ever Lesfic paperback I bought (along with the rest of the series).

The book follows the aftermath of a earthquake in Los Angeles. Two women who have never met and are trapped together in a shopping mall get to know one another and develop a connection while trying to escape the rubble. Months after their rescue they meet again and begin a close friendship, that starts to develop into more… but they are from different worlds, Lily’s a lesbian and Anna is straight. Can it really work out?

Firstly I love KG MacGregors books. Period. I haven’t read a book by her that I haven’t fallen head over heels for. Without Warning is no exception. I had butterflies from the moment these two women met again after months of looking for each other following the aftermath of the earthquake.

Lily and Anna are soul mates without knowing it. The small gestures and intimate moments even as just friends was evidence of a deeper connection between them, I just knew they had to have a happy ever after. I also really enjoyed the secondary characters especially Anna’s sister, Kim who cracked me up more times than I could count.

This is definitely a book not to be missed. But be forewarned that when you start this series you’re going to want to have the next book waiting because it’s addictive.

5 stars.

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Without Warning (Shaken Series Book 1)


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