Heartsick by Tracey Richardson

This was such a beautiful yet heartbreaking story.

When two women are brought together by their cheating spouses they begin to heal together. What neither of them expect is to find an attraction that is not connected to the emotional trauma. With time and support Victoria and Angie start to need and love each other in ways they hadn’t imagined.

This was such a sweet story of heartbreak turned friendship turned love. I knew I’d enjoy the story from the get go because it’s a Tracey Richardson book but I was really drawn to the characters over and above the storyline it’s self.

I liked that the book took its time and didn’t rush the feelings of the characters as it could have felt to sudden otherwise. I also enjoyed how the characters were an unlikely match… I seem to enjoy the whole opposites attract theme in my books.

At times I felt there were too many ‘will they, won’t they?’ moments and not enough time building on the characters relationship. In saying that it was a beautifully written story, one that I look forward to reading again very soon.

4 stars

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