Blend by Georgia Beers

It’s hard to find a Georgia Beers book I’ve not enjoyed but this one blew the rest out of the water. I absolutely loved it.

Lindsey loves her job as manager at the local wine bar. She has big ideas that could really bring in the younger demographic and now that the owner is taking an extended trip and leaving her in charge, she has free reign to turn her ideas into reality. The only issue is that the boss’s daughter, Piper has to sign off on any big changes to the bar and she’s already not a fan of Lindsey…

I adored this book. Firstly the characters were written beautifully and the whole opposites attracts thing always does it for me. Piper gives off the air of being an uptight ice queen but she’s really tormented by her fathers death, which when she describes their relationship I could really understand her cold personality. Lindsey is the complete opposite; she’s fun, social and loves her job. She’s a little closed off to love but definitely has her reasons. On paper these two should not work but they do… they really do! And the connection is palpable. You can feel the chemistry, it radiated off the page.

I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say Georgia Beers writes the best kisses in Lesbian Fiction. I mean they are sensual while being extremely hot so I kind of knew that would be the case and she didn’t let me down. What I was blown away by was the sex scenes in this book. Wowser! I mean it came out of left field but it was amazing. Best Beers sex scene to date. Period.

I really enjoyed the secondary characters in this book especially Bridget and Angela. I think these ladies need a happy ending of their own… that gives us two more books (one at a bare minimum).

All in all, I was blown away.

5 stars.

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