The Three by Meghan O’Brien

Well… damn, I was not expecting that. Quite honestly, this is the one book of Meghan O’Brien’s that I’ve avoided because it sounded like something that I wasn’t that into. But fellow reviewer, Mel urged me to give it a go and I owe her big time!

This book isn’t your normal Lesbian Romantic Fiction novel. It’s set in a post apocalyptic world and it’s about a relationship between three people. This book is all about finding love in the most obscure places.

The Three is a story like no other. In a post apocalyptic world, Anna is broken and pretty banged up. She is wandering through the world just hoping not to get killed when she stumbles on a beautiful woman having a confrontation with two male intruders. She tries to help but she also gets caught up in the brawl until the woman’s partner comes and saves them both.

Anna is quite taken by the beautiful woman named Elin but she is unsure of her partner, Kael. She falls quickly for Elin and as Kael’s walls come down, so does Anna’s defenses and she begins to fall for Kael also. When Elin is captured by a cult that threatens to use her as a procreation vessel to repopulate the earth, Anna and Kael are fraught with fear and have to work together to bring her back home to them.

The book is written solely from Anna’s perspective and I think there was no other way to convey this story but through her. From the moment I started the story I was transported into Anna’s life. She feels so much but gives away so little to her new companions. That is until Elin begins to understand her without her having to give anything away. For me, Elin was the centre and the rock for both Kael and Anna. She seems the most fragile but I actually think she’s the strongest and most perceptive. She makes both Anna and Kael feel loved and desired without making either jealous of her affections for the other. She’s caring and understanding of their feelings and emotional bruises so when she’s captured its understandable the world feels like it has been tipped on its axis for both Kael and Anna. Kael is written like she’s the warrior and protector of Anna and Elin. She’s strong, butch (often mistaken for a man) and an incredibly accomplished fighter but internally she’s probably the most sensitive and at times broken but boy, do I have a thing for a sensitive butch.

My favourite moments were when The Three were together and spending intimate moments. But second to that would be the moments that Kael and Anna began to fall in love. It was beautiful to read. When Anna falls for Elin it’s instantaneous and with Elin being so open and loving it couldn’t be any other way, but with Kael it was a slower process and it really meant something when the barriers came down and their love was solidified. The sex scenes were fantastic and truly blew my mind, especially when they are all together. Just wow!

5 stars

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