Arbor Vitae by Susan X. Meagher

I’ve wanted to read this book for a while so I was really excited when it finally landed on my kindle.

After loosing her husband, Abby feels lost and has to rebuild herself and her life. What she is not expecting is falling for a much younger woman, especially when she has been living as a straight woman all of her life.

Clancy knew she could fall for Abby after the first time they met. The only issue is, how they will navigate their relationship with Abby’s children, parents and her friends. Can they really make it work with so many hurdles ahead?

This book gave me all the feels. I love age gap romances and this one had a delicious side of finding a new sexuality. Abby was really my favourite character because as a mum I get the idea of hurting your kids in your path of becoming your true self and for that reason I really connected to Abby.

I felt at times the story had a lot more detail than was necessary however what I adore about Susan X Meagher books is that the story lines are so involved and clear as you watch the protagonists evolve and grow together.

Can’t wait to scroll through her books and pick what I am going to read next.
4 stars


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