Hunger For You By Jenny Frame

Reader advice:I would advise any readers to invest in the prequel short story Dapper before reading Hunger For You.

Well I wasn’t expecting that! To tell you the truth I had put Hunger For You off as long as I could. I love Jenny Frames books but I’m not a fan of paranormal genres so with trepidation (and because I loved the prequel Dapper), I started and oh my, was I wrong to be worried. It was fantastic.

Amelia Honey works for her uncle as a suit designer and is madly in love with their most handsome client, Byron Debrek. Little does Amelia know that Byron is head of the vampire underworld. Byron loves Amelia dearly but she has to protect her at all costs even if it means breaking Amelia’s heart.

I adored this book from start to finish. I was transported into a great story line with believable characters (I know this is paranormal but the characters were so realistic) and an emotional roller-coaster that I didn’t want to get off.

Byron Debrek was everything that makes me swoon; hot, butch and with a big heart she tries to hide while putting everyone before herself. She loves Amelia so much and craves her in ways that is almost animatistic *wink*. Amelia on the other hand, I respected like a close friend. She acts all sweet and naïve but behind the façade is a strong, empowered woman who ends up being the strong person in this duo. The sex between Byron and Amelia is off the chart, even more so when Amelia finds out that Byron is a Vampire. Jenny is fast becoming one of the best sex scene writers in Lesbian Fiction.

The secondary characters in the book were fantastic, even the evil vampire and villain of the story, Victorija. I actually had a thought the other day that I’d love for Victorija to become a good vampire and get her happy ever after, now that would be an amazing storyline. But until then I’d settle for another book focusing on the dark and brooding, Alexis and girl next door, Katie, whom had a love hate relationship throughout the whole book; I think there could be real raw emotions at play here with deep-seated attraction and I can’t wait to read it, hopefully in book two.

I’ll be watching closely to see what come next from these characters. As for Jenny Frame what ever she writes next will be top of my list.

5 stars 


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