Certain Requirements by Elinor Zimmerman

When I read the synopsis I knew this was a book I had to read. All the elements were definitely ticking all my Certain Requirements.

Phoenix is following her dream of being a full time aerial dancer until she finds out her financial status is on shaky ground. Her friend suggests she take up a position as a live in submissive, especially since it’s just the kind of kink she enjoys. Straight from the first meeting, Phoenix knows that she will enjoy being dominated by handsome, dashing and rich Kris. It’s the perfect scenario, that is if she can just keep her feelings in check.

This storyline was my fantasy come to life… I mean hot butch, who enjoys kink and has a sensitive side! I am so glad I picked up this book.

I loved the character dynamic especially, Kris. She had all the characteristics of a character I enjoy immensely but more to the point, I really liked the moments she was teaching phoenix about the BDSM scene and protocol. The sex between these characters was off the chart and I can’t emphasize that enough… It was seriously smokin’ hot.

I was a little disappointed at the ending to be honest. It felt a little rushed and not fleshed out enough (excuse the pun). If this were a series I would have ignored that part because the story would continue and if this is the case, I am happy to change my rating but as a solo novel I felt the ending was hasty.

I really enjoyed this novel and I am excited about what Elinor Zimmerman writes next. I am really hoping it’s another kinky one.

4 stars


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