A Call Away by KC Richardson

This would be a great book for by the pool on holiday…

I had been looking forward to this book for a while especially after rereading New Beginnings by KC Richardson on few days before landing this book.

A little about the book…

When Sydney gets a call telling her that her estranged maternal grandmother has left everything to her in her will, she’s left shocked and a little confused. She decides to go to her grandmother’s farm to get a better understanding of her and her life before she sells it. There she meets Abigail, a real country girl who only has wonderful stories to tell her about her grandmother, not the horrible ones she’s heard up until then. They forge a friendship that turns into a mutual attraction. However Abigail’s life is on the farm and Sydney’s is back in Chicago. Can these two find a way to bring both their worlds together?

This was a nice story of making friends and finding love in the process. I really enjoyed Sydney and Abigail’s dynamic and the ease of their budding romance. I enjoyed the backstory behind Sydney’s grandparents and why she grew up without them in her life. I felt at times that the characters weren’t complex enough and the story lagged. The there were times there was too much going on and I wasn’t sure it was all fitting together.

That being said, the romance between both characters was nice and gave me all the feels by the end. I really think this is the kind of novel you take on holiday and read by the pool.

I look forward to seeing what’s coming up next for KC Richardson.

3.5 stars


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