The Boss Of Her by Julie Cannon, Aurora Rey & M. Ullrich

Office Romance Novellas

Going to work never felt so good. Three office romance novellas from talented writers Julie Cannon, Aurora Rey, and M. Ullrich. 

In For Your Eyes Only by Julie Cannon: Dress for success takes on a very different meaning. CFO Riley Stephenson finds herself in a particularly difficult position when the stripper she’s fallen for shows up at her office―as her new employee. 

In Lead Counsel by Aurora Rey: Attorney Elisa Gonzalez is happy working behind the scenes while still having time for a life. All that changes when her firm takes on a major case and Parker Jones, powerhouse litigator and her law school crush, is named lead counsel. 

In Opportunity of a Lifetime by M. Ullrich: Luca Garner is eager and hardworking, but her new boss is a total nightmare―snarky and uncooperative, not to mention an ice queen. VP Stephanie Austin doesn’t mean to be unkind, but the last thing she wants is an assistant getting under her skin, especially one who is as attractive as she is kind.\



For Your Eyes Only was my favourite of the three novellas. I just really connected to the story from the beginning and boy, was it sexy. I think if Julie Cannon decided to use that novella as a prologue or prequel it could be a best seller. The characters had chemistry, the story and pace was tight and the premise was extremely sexy. I want more!

Remember Elisa, Sam’s cousin from Aurora Rey’s novel, Crescent City Confidential? Well she’s one of the main protagonists in Lead Counsel. As soon as I had worked out the connection to Crescent City Confidential and Lead Counsel I read them both again. As soon as Parker Jones, Elisa’s beau was written into this story, I was a goner. Talk about oozing sex appeal… this chick has it in spades and it just made her chemistry and undeniable connection to Elisa excruciatingly more potent. I loved this story and just another reason I adore Ms. Rey’s books.

Opportunity of a Lifetime made me get all the feels. The moments in this were written beautifully and I sincerely love when authors bring characters together from other books. It really makes me feel like the characters are one big happy family. I love the Ice Queen trope, it is sexy and makes the happy ever after all the more special. I particularly loved Luca’s character and loved reading her thought process as her feelings developed for Stephanie. 

All together a fantastic collection of stories that I know I will enjoy over and over again. 5 stars


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