Crazy For You by Harper Bliss

From the moment I finished the last book in the Pink Bean Series, Love Without Limits I became obsessed with Jessica. What happened? What surgery did she have? Will she be ok?

So you can imagine my sheer glee when I received Crazy For You last week. As I knew it was arriving in my mailbox soon, I started the whole series from the beginning and devoured it! Seriously, this is one of the best series on the market.


Jessica has just been through life changing surgery and she’s not feeling like herself anymore. She decides to hire her trusty escort, Laurel to come by and make her feel more like herself again. When Liz shows up instead of Laurel, Jessica can’t help but notice the chemistry immediately. But if they move past Liz being Jessica’s escort, can Jessica truly be ok with Liz having other clients while they date? And can she be open with her friends and family when they ask what her girlfriend does for a living?

I don’t want to drop any spoilers but Jessica has gone through hell and back and if anyone deserved her happy ending it was her. I can totally understand her every feeling about Liz in this book. She’s scared and Liz is clearly set on keeping her job as a Lesbian Escort. I kept wishing Liz would surprise her by quitting her job but I understood why Liz wanted to keep her independence and prove that her job was just a job. I realised that it’s just not who Liz is and the story would have felt wrong if she had quit her job so early on into meeting Jessica. I just loved Liz from the get go. She’s caring, sweet, fiercely independent and incredibly taken with Jessica (who wouldn’t be). These two give me the major feels… swoon.

Harper Bliss has taken another unusual love story and made it golden. One more book in the series to go and I’m praying it’s Katherine’s story…

5 stars

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