Breakthrough by Kris Bryant

Well who’d have thought that Breakthrough would be the best novel Kris Bryant has ever published! I am not shy to admit that I’m probably Bryant’s biggest fan. She’s had this way of drawing me in from the get go on all her books and I’d be lying if I said this book drew me in as much because truly, Breakthrough is better, unbelievably so.  She has raised the bar with this novel and 5 star reviews frankly, no longer cut it… because it was worth much more.

Breakthrough follows main protagonist, Kennedy to Alaska on a writing assignment for her boss in a bid to get her back into the good graces and finally start writing what she loves again after a scandal sent her back to the bottom of the beloved magazine. She arrives in Alaska and has run in after run in with the wildlife, locals and the very handsome, Brynn. Brynn is perfect in so many ways but unfortunately she lives in Alaska and Kennedy is desperate to return to the city and her beloved job. Brynn doesn’t do casual but her attraction to Kennedy is taunting her. So it’s better that they stay friends… right?

If there was ever a novel I’d want to act out this is the one. I’d happily play Kennedy’s part and go through all her clumsiness to be close to Brynn. Brynn is this handsome, androgynous Wildlife Director and she is such a gentlewoman, I was a little crazy for her to be honest. At first her stand-off nature and the walls she carefully had placed around her heart intrigued me but as Kennedy knocked each of her walls down it was like revealing new and more alluring facets of her already beautiful personality.

Kennedy was just fun. She brought the light and fun to this book that no other character could do but her. Her personality and clumsiness made me chuckle more than a few times but what really made me love her was her chemistry with Brynn, it was palpable. Also I can’t not mention my favourite character from the book, Wally. I won’t tell you much about him but look out for him because he’ll steal the show.

The sex scenes as per usual blew me away and really connected the characters on another level. It made the chemistry increase and both Kennedy and Brynn’s love really shone in those moments. Kris Bryant still writes the best sex scenes for me… every single time, wow.

Reading this book as made me add Alaska to my ‘Must See’ travel list. Alaska almost felt like a third protagonist because of how it was beautiful one minute and throwing poor Kennedy around the next. I really saw its beauty and breathtaking landscape through Bryant’s words.

All in all this is an exceptional book that has a few twists and turns that catch you out and make you wish the book would never end. I was captivated from the beginning and can’t wait to see how Bryant will top this.

5 stars

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