The Secret Pond by Gerri Hill

For me this book meant more by the end… actually it meant everything. I felt like I was reliving the emotions along with the characters.

Lindsey has lost everything… her family, her life and her self worth. She flees the city with her new puppy and hides out at her grandparents home. She spends her days reliving the most awful day of her life and then one day she meets a young boy called Jack and everything changes… Lindsay starts to live again.

Jack’s mum, Hannah has moved them from their old life after her husband dies. She is hoping the new start will help her and Jack heal but she doesn’t expect to meet Lindsay…
Could this be more than a new start?

This book was an emotional rollercoaster that I didn’t want to get off. The books highs and lows with tears and laughter were certainly worth every moment. I’m a massive fan of Gerri Hill but I think this is one of her best works to date.

As a mum I had to say the idea of my son going off everyday secretly to meet a women I didn’t know anything about would have drove me just as crazy as Hannah. I totally understood her stance but admired her ease of acceptance of Lindsay once she knew she was not a threat.

Be forewarned that this is definitely a slow burn book but with ultimately the perfect union of two women who really grow to be perfect for each other. But not only that, they become the most wonderful family even before Hannah and Lindsay realised any feelings mounting.

I won’t go into too much because it could spoil what could be the most beautiful and heart felt story I have read in a while.

Kudos Gerri Hill. You’re the maestro for a reason.
5 stars


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