The Women Lost Series by T.B. Markinson

Review of books 0-3

What a fantastic series, one that I related to in some very eye opening ways! If you haven’t read the series and intend to, I would advise reading each section of this separately as to avoid spoilers:

These books follow the relationship ups and downs of Lizzie Petrie. She’s a little bit awkward, fiercely independent and more relationship challenged than most.  It takes for one very strong and loving woman to challenge her solitary and insecure existence.


A Clueless Woman (Book #0)

This is the prequel to The Woman Lost book. How did Sarah and Lizzie meet? All is revealed in this book. I am glad I read this first instead of the way the book was originally published. It created a trail of breadcrumbs to understand Lizzie more and to be more understanding of A Women Lostand the how that book unravels.  I really enjoyed it and I found Lizzie incredibly funny… the more I read it the more I read my wife into Lizzie’s place!

Lizzie has serious intimacy issues. Always wanting to be independent but craving more and not knowing how to deal with her emotions especially in relation to Sarah.

4 stars


A Women Lost (Book #1)

Wow! This book is something else. It’s incredibly angst-ridden and raw. I don’t think I have ever read a book so real before… honestly.  At times I felt uncomfortable at Lizzie’s thoughts and then angry for her follow through but thank god the next book was readily available because I would have been left hanging out on a ledge if not for book #2. The last four chapters made this book. Lizzie really found herself and found who she wanted to become. The realisation was bordering on ground breaking and it made me really warm to Lizzie in a way I hadn’t for the book before and most of this book. Bring on book #2!

4 stars


A Women Ignored (Book #2)

HELLO LIZZIE!!!  This was the book I was waiting for. We had a forthright Lizzie, who adored her wife and seriously just wanted her to be happy. I really fell for these two as a couple. Sarah really complements Lizzie in the way that she is a social butterfly; confident and very honest about her feelings whereas Lizzie is the polar opposite and together they make this beautiful power couple.

This is definitely my favourite book in the series so far. It was also really eye opening to see more of Lizzie’s family, which help the reader understand and sympathise with all her previous mistakes and heartbreaks.  Secondary character, Maddie has been floating around since book one and I really hope that in the next novel she finds someone to love.

Bring on book #3! 5 stars


A Family Woman (Book #3)

Ok I retract! This was my favourite in the series…  one word: TWINS!!! Lizzie and Sarah are expecting twins and after a brief melt down, Lizzie is on track to being an amazing supportive wife to Sarah who is carrying.  I was bowled over with Lizzie’s progression. She tries ever so hard and even when the stumbling blocks happen in her awkward and socially inept world, she manages through it with a lot more poise than ever before.

I think Sarah’s growth was more noticeable in this book due to the moments she was more understanding and supportive of Lizzie in her ‘moments’. I really can’t wait to see what T.B. Markinson has planned next for this unlikely pair but I am anticipating something pretty amazing, especially as I just learned there will be at least two more books in the series.

5 stars

Series rating as a whole so far: 4.5 Stars


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