Girl Talk by Cassidy Storm

I was not expecting this book to be as good as it was, especially as it’s a debut novel from Cassidy Storm. But, I was pleasantly surprised.

The book centres around Autumn who is currently dating her way through a bunch of guys trying to find ‘Mr Right’. One night she received a call from an unknown number and when she answers the person on the other side starts the conversation with a very explicit and erotic greeting from a woman. Autumn is intrigued and lets the conversation develop with the mysterious caller and agrees to talk again soon. This progresses into a nightly conversation between both women but Autumn is straight so why is she letting this woman arouse her? She isn’t developing feelings, is she? Because ultimately Autumn is straight… right?

This book was just sexy and fun. It was written extremely well for a first novel and the scenes on the phone knocked my socks off… so unbelievably hot. Adding to that though was a level of intimacy I didn’t expect from a relationship blossoming through the phone, but it was there and very present in the second half of the book.

I loved the way Jess seduced Autumn. It was romantic, and you could genuinely read her feelings through the way she spoke to Jess and how (I won’t go into details) she looked after her on her birthday. It gave me all the feels.

My only fault (and it is minor) is the ending was too short for me or at least there isn’t a epilogue. It’s a selfish fault because I just wanted more of these characters together and being in love in the intense way they had built over the phone.

I really look forward to seeing what comes next from Cassidy Storm because I think she might be one to watch in Lesbian Erotic Fiction.

4 stars


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