Room Service by Fiona Riley


I adored this book… from start to finish. It’s just damn sexy!

Olivia is stuck in a rut so when a work opportunity comes up she jumps at the chance to show off her skills, that is until the formidable and sultry Savannah becomes the corporate liaison between Olivia’s team and the company she designing for. Olivia is everything Savannah didn’t know she was looking for and more. From the moment they meet each other the chemistry is palpable and hot as hell. But is a relationship with someone you work with conducive to the task at hand? And could it ruin a future design contract for Olivia?

What a beautiful love story with a provocative edge. This is not an angst-ridden book but for me that was one of the reasons I loved it so much, both protagonists wore their hearts on their sleeve most of the time and it made their love story so very enjoyable. The moment Olivia and Savannah meet the chemistry is hot. Both women can feel the energy and (this is where Fiona Riley is amazing) what’s great is that the reader is feeling it just as much.

The sexual tension between Olivia and Savannah is combustible and I was hoping with every flirtious moment they would jump each other… I was so very invested! And then when they finally did have their sex scenes it was immensely sexy… I was on the train coming home from work, praying no one could read my mind or over my shoulder. HOT!

I really loved the affectionate moments between them especially the ones that both Olivia and Savannah were so lost in each other that they forgot the outside world was with them. For example, watch out for the fairground scene… I am still getting over the sheer sexiness of it all.

The falling in love part of this story is rather lovely. Both Olivia and Savannah have such a beautiful connection that the reader is watching them become more than lovers from early on… I think the term ‘soul mates’ describes them perfectly.

This is definitely a sexy summer read that will be going on my re-read list. If you’re anything like me you will devour it in one sitting.

Room Serviceis unequivocally 5 stars of sexiness.

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