Sparks Like Ours by Melissa Brayden

Another fantastic novel from the pen of the formidable, Melissa Brayden.

Gia Malone has worked for years to climb the surfing championship ladder and she’s finally one win away from being number one in the world. The only person standing in her way is the current number one, Elle Britton.

When Elle and Gia are thrown together in a new marketing campaign they begin to let their competitive guards down, ultimately seeing each other in a way they never could before. But when surfing has always been number one in your life, where does love fit on the scale?

What a fantastic series, one that I am so glad isn’t ending with this book. The Seven Shores series is one of my favourites to date.

I must admit that in the last two books Gia wasn’t my favourite of the main four friends (Autumn and Hadley were), however after this book that all changed. I definitely have the major hots for Gia but I also think she’s an incredibly amazing friend and person who has an infectious and endearing personality.

Elle on the other hand I wanted to be BFF’s with. She’s happy go lucky and a genuinely good person. Gia and Elle together are a match made in heaven. They have very different traits which compliment each other perfectly. However, when it comes to the love they are incredibly similar as they’d do anything for their friends and the ones they love dearly. They also have the most amazing chemistry that is all encompassing and passionate, which I hadn’t expected to be as potent as what it was.

You have to get on the Seven Shores train but be aware you’re not going to want to get off again!

Another indisputable 5 star novel from Melissa Brayden!


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