In Development by Rachel Spangler

Well hell, that was wonderful…

Actress, Cobie needs to change her image to land her ultimate acting role and she will go to any lengths to get it. Lila has been central to all the big scandals in the tabloids and has had her fair share of torrid affairs with famous men but she needs something big to promote the next stage in her career so why not try on a new sexual identity. Together, Cobie and Lila agree to have a fake relationship (or ‘fauxmance’ as Rachel Spangler calls it) to stir up the headlines while changing Cobie’s ‘good girl’ persona to a darker image. But when the romance is no longer fake and hearts are on the line, can they throw the currently plan away for a new one?

This was hands down my favourite Rachel Spangler book to date and could be stiff competition for ‘Book of 2018’. It’s sexy, enthralling but stays true to what Rachel Spangler does best and that’s writing phenomenal love stories.  I’ve read a few ‘fauxmance’ novels over the past few months and this one is definitely one of my favourites so far.

As the reader I felt like I was taking the journey with the characters and felt every heartbreak and lovely moments along with Cobie and Lila. I want this novel to be adapted into a movie with Taylor Swift and Ellen Paige playing Lila and Cobie.

Rachel Spangler also wrote her best sex scenes to date in this novel because they weren’t only sexy but showed an intimate side of the characters that really built on their chemistry (not that it needed it… wow) but also their candidness, in the aftermath of making love, about their feelings during the fauxmance process.

This novel was everything I wanted and so much more. Rachel Spangler just keeps knocking them out of the park with her books getting better each and every time. 5 stars are no longer enough for books of this calibre.

5 Stars… I want more from Cobie & Lila.


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  1. I just finished this book as well. IT IS THE BEST Spangler as written to-date! Her characters are believable, lush, and complicated. Emotions jump off the page. The internal struggles of the main characters allow the reader to be invested in the outcome.