The Road Ahead by AE Radley

AE Radley doesn’t seem to be able to write a book I don’t completely enjoy, and I think it’s because the main trope she uses is older rich accomplished (yet standoffish) woman falls for younger less accomplished, less better off woman with a big open heart. I love it and the storylines are foolproof because they are so well executed with beautiful plots of love conquering all.

This book begins with Rebecca stuck in Faro airport in Portugal due to all flights to London being grounded. She can’t afford any other means to get home and is feeling a little lost, that is until she meets Arabella. Arabella is also stranded and desperate to get home for Christmas, but the hire car company is telling her she can’t rent a car and drive it with her current broken leg. So together with Rebecca driving and Arabella paying, they head of on the journey that will change their lives… Hopefully these polar opposite women won’t kill each other before they get back to London…

This storyline is a case of opposites attract because at the beginning of this book I couldn’t see how they could fit together but as is AE Radley’s genius, as the emotional walls came down I began to understand how perfect they were for each other. And when that realisation happens for the protagonists, it becomes such a heart warming story of love conquering all.

I must admit I sat on my review for this book a little longer than normal because after it ended I was left feeling as if it was not enough which in turned left me unsettled. I knew I needed more but my impression was it was a stand-alone book so the ending completely changed the whole feel of the novel for me. As luck would have it, AE Radley announced that there WAS to be a sequel and that changed EVERYTHING. I reread the book with the knowledge there was a sequel to come and when reading the ending again, it left numerous possibilities for what could be and I am now left feeling excited about what might be next for these protagonists.

The dialogue in the book had me laughing and swooning at different moments but the highlight was this quote:

“If you can’t decompress and sort your life in Scotland, then there’s no hope for you”

I can’t wait to read the sequel, The Big Uneasy in October to read more from these wonderful characters.

5 Stars

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  1. Excellent review. Slight correction, the sequel is “The Big Uneasy”… I didn’t have the issue with not knowing about the sequel when reading “The Road Ahead”, since I hadn’t quite gotten around to reading it, but signed up to be an ARC reader for Ms. Radley recently and, as luck would have it, the first book she sent me was “The Big Uneasy”. When I got to the chapter where Rebecca and Arabella arrived in NOLA and Portugal was mentioned, I recognized that these were the characters from the book with a similar cover that I hadn’t read yet, so I decided to jump over to Amazon and pick up a copy so I could burn through this before I read the ARC. I did it for two reasons: 1) I wanted to know the characters properly going into the story and 2) I really did want to read this story and didn’t want it spoiled! I loved BOTH of the books!