Take My Hand by Missouri Vaun

This is the first book in the A Pine Cone Romance series and it got us off to a great start with a bang!

Artist, Clay has returned home after a disastrous relationship in New York that had threatened her passion for her painting. She isn’t interested in relationships or playing fast and loose with her heart, especially for someone like River who embodies everything that Clay could really fall for. River is visiting Pine Cone to get her aunts affairs in order after her death. She wants to get in and out of Pine Cone fast and back to her art studio in New York. That is until she meets Clay, who personifies a sexy female James Dean, that has her wanting Clay in the worst way but she is also extremely attracted to Clay’s artistic side and dynamite personality. If only Clay would show some interest in her because she’s starting to want things with Clay she has never wanted before.

Well hell, I think I have found my new lesfic heart throb… Clay Cahill is a protagonist that every butch character should be built upon. The moment I read her profile on the page I was hooked and the moody, withdrawn from the world attitude also really got me. What was extremely exciting about this book was the fact that she just couldn’t help being drawn to River. And as much as she tried to resist her feelings, you could feel the chemistry emanate of the page every time they were together.  River was the opposite, she wears her heart on her sleeve and shows her attraction to Clay openly, this gave the perfect balance and really made their falling in love much more exciting. The chemistry between both River and Clay is off the charts and their sex scenes were just plain hot!

What I love about a new series is getting to know the characters that are carried through in each book. As with Take My Hand, you get to know Clays best friends, Trip and Grace, who are the main protagonists for the next two book in the series. Trip is next off the bat to fall in love in book two, Take A Chance followed by Grace in Take Your Time. Best part of this new series is its unusual twist, each book in the series is written by a different author and all the authors have worked together to get each backstory seamless. This includes interactions that take place in each book but from different protagonists point of view. It’s rather genius and I have read the next book and can confirm the characters interactions are seamless…

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Pine Cone Romance Series

I think Missouri Vauns romance novels are quite brilliant, her butch/femme formula works perfectly and she writes such complex yet endearing characters that make her books real page turners.

Can’t wait to see what comes next from this series. 5 stars


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