The London Of Us by Clare Lydon

When it comes to great British rom-coms, I always know I will get something special from Clare Lydon. She writes relatable characters with sass and witt that charm you from chapter one.

Alice has realised her perfect “straight” life ain’t so perfect anymore, especially when she can’t stop her developing feelings for her close friend, Rachel. As she decides to break from her current relationship in a bid to find herself and get to know the real Alice, she discovers that when it comes to Rachel she can’t help but jump right in and try to get the girl of her dreams… literally!

This book gave me butterflies and is by far my favourite Clare Lydon book to date. She completely blew me away with this beautiful story about not always expecting who you fall in love with. The London of Us was written completely from Alice’s POV which honestly couldn’t have gone any other way because this is Alice’s coming out story so we (the reader) needed to be in her head for all the best coming out moments. Like how do you have sex with a women? Why is coming out such a big deal?

If there was ever a late coming out story for women, this is the book. Alice and Rachel’s journey to love was beautiful and had many twists and turns but all for the greater good. Their love was triggered by intense sexual chemistry that emanates off the page. Plus the sex was hot… like smoking! It really relays how much sex with a woman can be such an amazing awakening…. Well, it was for me and hey, sounds like Alice too.

One of my favourite things about each book Clare Lydon writes is that her secondary characters are carried on. It makes her stories seamless and is the reason I adore her series’ so much. I have a feeling that the next story might be about Rachel’s younger sister, Becca… just a hunch.

Another clever witty book from Clare Lydon with all the love and romance you’ve come to adore!

This one truly is my Lydon favourite. 5 stars.

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