The Curvy Side of Life by Suzie Carr

Why did I wait so long to read this book? The Curvy Side of Life has just become one of my favourite books to date.

Faith is the heroine of the story and the whole book is written from her point of view. This is not your usual Lesfic, don’t get me wrong it has a lovely love story but what is really special is that it’s a story about finding yourself later in life and how wonderful it can be.

Faith has had a rough few years, life has thrown her more than one curve ball and she’s at the end of her tether. She’s got squirrels reeking havoc on her car, no job, her estranged husband has moved on with his life and her daughter has stopped talking to anyone but her and her ex-husband. She’s done! Over it! Then her sister calls and invites Faith and her daughter to come to Rhode Island and get away from life for the summer. When she arrives in Rhode Island she doesn’t fit in straight away but the more she relaxes the more she settles in to find herself. One such revelation is she is extremely attracted to the ‘Yoga Goddess’ from next door and she is getting the growing feeling that it’s mutual.

This is the first book I have read by Suzie Carr and I know as soon as I finish writing this review I will be heading to Goodreads to read the synopses of her entire catalogue to pick my next. I think one of the main reasons I connected with this book is that Faith is a mum like me and our parenting style is extremely similar. So throughout the book I felt like I was along for the ride and connected with a lot of her moments with daughter, Bristol.

Obviously the main component in the book is Faith coming out and while that happens she starts to have feelings for Candace, who is the house sitter next door. Candace leads a very transient lifestyle and will only be in Rhode Island until her next house sitting job comes up and this makes Faith wary from the get go. What I loved about Candace is that she wears her heart on her sleeve and is very upfront about her feelings towards Faith and to be honest, as a woman barely out the closet, Candace is exactly the kind of woman who is perfect for Faith.

The secondary characters in this book make up least half, if not more, of the novel content and the book is the richer for it. When Faith moves to Rhode Island she’s not only staying with her sister but her sisters extended family and that is a lot of opinions to contend with. Mostly they are supportive and this novel wouldn’t be the same without them, especially Lucia. Lucia’s sage advice caught me off guard more than once with her easy-going nature and loving personality.

All in all, this was a fabulous book and I would highly recommend it to any late bloomers in the LGBT community, as well as everyone else.
5 stars


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