Switching Gear by Rhavensfyre

It’s been a year since Micah walked out of Olivia’s house and life for what felt like forever. Olivia finally has all her ducks in a row and life is good, it’s just missing one crucial element, Micah. Now Micah’s back and Olivia will do anything to make sure she never leaves again. For Micah, her life has never been easy but the past year has been the worst by far. She finds it hard to trust people or let them behind her emotional walls but one thing is certain, she has never stopped loving Olivia…

I forgot how much I loved this book. Rhavenfyre really drew me in from the beginning. It’s a fast paced dialogue which I really enjoyed because at no point was I wishing I could jump ahead. I also love the ‘Melting Ice Queen’ trope and in this book it was written beautifully but what made this book different was that Olivia’s stern and business like attitude started to dissipate from the beginning so it didn’t take long for her feelings to really shine through for Micah.

Micah has some real deep rooted emotional issues that Olivia actually helps her break through and I think it’s a testament to the authors that they could take Micah’s trauma and turn it into a strength. Micah and Olivia are polar opposites but they complement each other beautifully. The sex scenes in this book are incredibly hot and I think readers will be pleasantly surprised by how delicious they are.

I also loved Olivia’s daughter, Reggie. She was a bundle of cuteness especially in the moments when she shares page time with both Olivia and Micah. They are such an adorable little family unit.

I think this book was amazing and I’d love Rhavenfyre to write a short or sequel to Micah and Olivia’s story, not because the book needs it but because I just want more.

5 stars


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