Take Your Time by VK Powell

The last book in the A Pine Cone Romance series was excellent and I reckon VK Powell wrote the perfect book to round up the series.

Dani Wingate is new in town and working in a small country Vet clinic. None of these factors are what Dani wants. She wants to go back to he big city and continue working at the zoo she loves but budget cuts have forced her hand. So why does the world tip on its axis every time deputy sheriff, Grace Booker is around? Especially when Dani despises cops. Grace is a small town girl and looking for love, something Dani is not looking for or ready for… So why does she feel so connected to Grace?

On one hand I was glad to finally get the last book in the series but in the other, I am really heartbroken it’s over. These three books have such beautiful nuances in many ways but are completely different in other aspects. For one, each book is written by a different author but all the characters from each book are the same. And while each author is telling a different protagonists story, each time they are able to keep each of the personalities constant throughout. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when all three were plotting the stories out.

This is the first VK Powell book I have reviewed and I am excited to see what else I can nab from her back catalogue… If you have suggestions throw them my way.

Both Grace and Dani’s characters are developed well and I was so excited to get to this book because they have had staring roles in the first two books and I was well and truly intrigued. I actually think this book had me hooked more than the first two because from the first book, Take My Hand by Missouri Vaun, I knew I wanted to know Dani and Grace’s back story and I was pleasantly surprised.

Grace for me was the star of the book, I think mostly because I feel like I am Grace in a lot of ways so when she done and said certain things I was very aware that my own response would be the same if not aligned. In saying that, I thought Dani was a bit of a stud and wouldn’t have minded chasing her around Pine Cove. When these two were able to lock the world out there was some really beautiful moments and I shouted at my kindle screen more than once, “Dani just let go” or “Dani you idiot”… Yes, I got more than a little caught up in the excitement of the Pine Cone Drama.

I reckon if these are the sex scenes VK Powell can write then I have been missing out and I will definitely be checking out more because WOW!

All in all… Fantastic!

5 stars


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