The Shape of You by Georgia Beers

I actually can’t contain my excitement over this book… I stayed up all night reading The Shape of You and then lay for a hour afterwards going over the book in my head.

Rebecca is filling in for her colleagues “Be Your Best Bride” personal training class and she isn’t happy about it. She makes a plan to turn the class around and make it fun, that is until the beautiful Spencer walks into the class and informs her that her fiancé signed her up for the class without telling her. Now Rebecca and Spencer have a clear attraction to each other but Spencer is engaged to someone else. The question is, is she really happy? And Rebecca needs to find a way to avoid Spencer if she can’t keep her fascination hidden. Can these two keep their feelings for each other under wraps when temptations are so high?

I am so blown away by The Shape of You but more so I am impressed with the author for going down the route she has on this book, it was incredibly brave. Lots of readers don’t like when protagonists have feelings for other characters while in a relationship with someone else but this book is written very cleverly. At no point did I think that Spencer belongs with her fiancé and I knew from the beginning that underneath Rebecca’s frustration was fascination and she was the perfect match for Spencer. Now if only Georgia Beers would write a book about Marti, Spencers fiancé I reckon everyone would be happy.

Initially I worried that the amount of page time focussed on the gym would be too much but in fact it was actually the setting for some of my favourite moments. In saying that, I want to commend Georgia for her empowering portrayal of personal trainers not being all about body shaming, but instead emphasising that exercise is about overall health, not just about being skinny. Yay! Go Georgia!

I love books that poke at characters inner turmoil and really puts them through the emotional ringer before they can settle on what they really want and this book pushes that limit, especially for Spencer. I probably liked her character the best; she thought by keeping life predictable she would never get her heart broken but she really didn’t expect what Rebecca could do to her, emotional and physically.

I know I always say this about Georgia Beers’ books but there is no one that writes first kisses like her. They are hot, steamy and all too much!!! But the follow through with the amazing sex scenes was just icing on the cake, I mean…. Wow!

I really enjoyed the out of the box writing that Georgia Beers has pulled off in this novel, it’s fresh, exciting and ultimately another 5 star novel!


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The Shape of You


  1. Thank you for this review! When I first saw the synopsis, I really, really, really wanted to read it! I *love* that the fiance who is a jerk is a woman, not a man, so that the bride-to-be-or-not is not also questioning her sexuality. It makes it “easier” in that way.

    I really enjoy reading your reviews!

    Janice .