A Proper Cuppa Tea by KG MacGregor

Such a great book, perfect for a lazy day or relaxing on holiday.

Channing meets Lark on a transatlantic flight to England and her new life. She’s quite standoffish to begin with but soon realises that Lark’s genuine personality and stellar wit are something she enjoys quite a lot. She’s been left heart broken after her office affair with her married boss crumbles and she isn’t looking for that to happen anytime soon but Lark is maybe just the remedy to something greater. But Lark lives in Boston and Channing in England… Are they fools to begin something that can’t last forever?

While this isn’t my favourite KG MacGregor novel it was still a lovely story that gave me the feels. With very little angst and a budding love story that obviously has the making of something great, I fell into the enjoyable world of Lark and Channing. I really liked the fact there wasn’t much angst in this book and felt that it was the better for it however, I did feel that there could have been more passion between the two lead protagonists.

I really enjoyed the secondary characters in the novel and found that I was quite intrigued about their story as well. I was shocked to see I was 80% in and hadn’t come up for air but that’s what makes a good story great, when you fall down the rabbit whole into the authors’ world.

As always I will be waiting with bated breath for the next KG book.

4 stars


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