Climbing The Ladder by A.E. Radley

What a great introduction to what will undoubtedly be another fantastic series from A.E. Radley.

Chloe has just started work at Lesbian Magazine, Honey and she is beyond excited. She’s also extremely passionate about giving back to the magazine that was like a friend to her all these years, so how could she repay her gratitude? Answer: Help Honey stay out of the red and afloat. Making one risky decision could be the rise or fall for the magazine…

This book doesn’t just follow Chloe’s story but everyone at the Honey offices and we get a little insight into each of the women that grace the pages of Climbing The Ladder. A few budding romances or unrequited love stories are just begging to be told which each of these women.

I really hope A.E. Radley takes each book to concentrate on each potential couple because the series really has the making of some phenomenal love stories. Watch this space because this has the likelihood to be my new favourite series.

After I finished it I just kept thinking that this book is amazing and it’s just the start… enough said!

5 stars.


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