A Swing At Love by Harper and Caroline Bliss

This is the first book I have read from #teambliss… Long may it continue.

Tamsin is the new Golf Club pro in the little village of Tynebury. She’s ready to start her life again after her last job ended rather disastrously. She has sworn to herself she won’t fall for anyone associated to the club again. That is, until she meets older woman, Diane. Diane has never been attracted to a woman the way she’s attracted to Tamsin and she can’t help falling down the rabbit hole to find out where her feelings could lead.

This is a very sweet romance written by one of my favourite authors, Harper Bliss and her wife Caroline Bliss.

I am not a golf aficionado but the book didn’t overpower me with golf references and that was a massive relief. The storyline it’s self was strong and alluring, and at no stage did I feel the book lagged on pace.

The characters were well fleshed out and I particularly loved the protagonist, Diane. As an older, divorced mum and highly respected business woman, I enjoyed the moments where Tamsin left her flustered or confused by her feelings. It made Diane a much more lovable character to see her slightly off balance at times.

My only woe, and it’s a big one for me, is the lack of any sex scenes. I do enjoy a sex scene in romance novels but more accurately I like the connection that they build between the characters in those intimate moments. Plus, Harper Bliss writes hot sex scenes and her sexual chemistry is some of the best in Lesbian Fiction so not to have one was a little disappointing.

The ending was perfect and left me with all the feels. I hope Harper and Caroline continue to write together in the future because currently it looks bright for them as co-authors.

4 stars


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