Chosen by Brey Willows

Wow… now that’s how you write a book.

The preludes starts with the news that earth has been ravaged by global warming and humans are likely to become extinct.

Jump on a few years and the the book starts with Devin, an ex-military and geologist being picked up a year after being told she’s part of the ‘Chosen’ ones. At the time she doesn’t know where she’s going, only that it’s to a government facility. She’s excited for the adventure, with no real friends or family she wants to be part of something bigger.

When the convoy arrived to pick up Karissa, she’s not as excited about leaving her ailing mother and father. She wants to stay and help but agrees to go after her parents all but beg her to go. Devin and Karissa have a connection from the first moment they lay eyes on each other. Their attraction is clear but more than that, they lean on each other during the tumultuous journey to the facility. When their convoy is raided by an Ecological team of activists wanting to save the planet, they are told what the facility they are going to has in store for them. When it sinks in that they have been chosen to colonise a new planet, they don’t know if they should be excited or scared.
But what if when finding your soul mate, you want different things? Or different planets?

What a phenomenal book. I can’t believe it’s over. Not only did I love this book but it made me stop and really think about global warming and how scary it actually is.

For moi, Devin is the perfect character. She’s tough, knows what she wants and is an incredible leader. But with Karissa she is flirtatious, tender and unbelievably loving. I felt like if there was ever a character in a book to protect and love you this is who I’d want by my side. As the relationship progressed between Karissa and Devin I couldn’t see them not making it work together, they need each other in love but also in a whole other survival need also. Like how could either survive with out the other. It heightened their chemistry threefold.

I really enjoy how Brey Willows portrayed the world in the book and time it was written. The beauty was still vibrant in the world but with a undercurrent of waiting for the next big disaster to strike.

This book is written with some significant secondary characters. In fact if this book isn’t planned out as a series it’s a damn shame. I became extremely invested in another possible couple in the book and really hope Brey Willows runs with the momentum she’s built and writes Van and Dr Sandish a book of their own.

I’m all together devastated this book is over and extremely happy with the overall awesomeness of this book.

Unequivocally 5 Stars… wish I could give it 10!


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