The Neighbor by Gerri Hill

It’s funny… Normally in the books I read I get why the characters would fall in love. Now on paper (excuse the pun), Cassidy and Laura should not work… but let me tell you, that’s the reason they do.

Laura is back living with her mother who is unable to get around on her own. She resents it from the moment she steps in the door but the sexy neighbour next door keeps her entertained with her abundance of model like guests and amorous pool parties. It’s not until Cassidy offers her a cushy job, fixing up her garden that they begin to embark on an unlikely friendship.

I actually loved this book so hard. It’s was light, cute and gave me all the feels. It was exactly what I needed after the emotionally hard book I read before.

Cassidy and Laura together are hot stuff and I reckon it’s the build up to them being together that got me all flustered when it did actually happen. Yes it’s a slow burn but so beautifully written and worth the wait in every way.

I reckon this might be a new favourite amongst Gerri Hill fans.

5 stars


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